Under the shadow of Giants from the transaction to the entrance of the entrance of the public commen

dianping.com CEO Zhang Tao recently read "history of the Peloponnesian war.

this happened in 2000 years ago the war there are no winners – Athens and Sparta both the Persians swoop, Macedonia took the opportunity to rise, this war has become the ancient Greek civilization boom bust turning.

people in the industrial revolution in the waves, always see from the history of its development, in 2013 the mobile Internet more and more people smell the breath of the "war".

in the local areas of life, the U.S. group and the public comment for the group purchase market top fight to exhaustion, but do not want to WeChat, Ali, Baidu and other giants have around O2O force to make this market into the fierce competition in the red sea. In the local market, BAT, 360 of these giants to each other at the Tencent + Baidu alliance with ALI and 360 allies around the pattern of the mobile internet war seems inevitable, everyone in this is full of uncertainty in the market with a certain position exhaust all the skills for the future. But no one can know, after years of history, who is Athens and Sparta, who will become the looting and the rise of the Persian disarray of macedonia.

today is still in the mobile internet civilization came just as the year of the Greek peninsula, everyone around the limited resources to fight fight at outrance but ignore the outside, the larger world and view potentially subversive, it is also in this zero sum thinking, flow channel, the advantage of funds by the critics they exaggerate, but ignore the relationship between some of the more important things — for the unknown world exploration and research, the internal organization of grooming and learn to fear the opponent and straighten outside the business world.


as many people view on the market today O2O: WeChat public, throughout the world, Ali was a commercial aircraft carrier full force mobile Internet layout, living in the local market with Baidu map as a fulcrum to release the flow line potential energy, these changes in the external environment for public comment is less than previous years that the vanguard and pioneer, some people even questioned, the giants and the impact of extrusion, its value is shrinking, with today’s public comment that a bitter way to do local life exactly as well as the value of


but the change of external environment brings great challenges, and did not let the dianping.com CEO Zhang Tao restless, in the past year, he has done a lot of pain and solid adjustment within the company, the public comment also used a year to complete on their own remodeling.


steeped in group purchase after 3 years, Zhang Tao concluded, "the transaction is an entrance, entrance is also a decision, which is our biggest advantage and the foundation."

in early 2013, Zhang Tao is the most worried about the past two years.

was the United States Mission Network and public comment on the buy business has been stiff O