115 SkyDrive first content yet other cloud storage service providers to clean up

today, cloud storage service providers leading 115 SkyDrive official announcement, called the maximum guarantee user storage security and purify the Internet space, clean up and rectify the scale of the content will be from now on. Then the 115 SkyDrive micro-blog officially released by Sina News, a few hours will usher in more than 4000 users and the general user support broadcast.

to improve the quality of service to clean up illegal content

12 noon on March 31st 9, SkyDrive released 115 official news through the official Sina micro-blog, many users give active support for the first time. The number of forwarding nearly 4000 in 115, some netizens said that SkyDrive’s move is to follow the development of the Internet, but also in line with the responsibility of the user, for the Internet industry as an example, therefore said the full support of this approach by SkyDrive 115.

115 SkyDrive official responsible Lai Linfeng said that the reason to make such a decision, because of 115 has been the pursuit of SkyDrive provides users with high-quality cloud storage products of high quality and can be trusted, but with the 115 SkyDrive development is growing, some things contrary to the laws and regulations are also some illegal users spread to the Internet, based on the user responsible attitude, 115 SkyDrive will conduct a comprehensive clean-up of illegal file in the next time, and strive to provide high-quality storage space for users.

Lai Linfeng believes that as the leading provider of cloud storage service, SkyDrive 115 has the obligation to provide high-quality storage services for users, but also have the obligation to call colleagues for dealing with information of illegal purification in the Internet industry. At present, with the diversified development of the Internet, more and more illegal information will be fully harm society, only if we are to work, purification to the greatest extent guarantee the development of the whole industry.

and other cloud storage service providers, no follow up

according to the reporter, SkyDrive released 115 official news of the illegal content cleaning behavior, is the first domestic active content of purification of cloud storage service providers, clearing, and illegal information for users to spread the clean-up operation, the current domestic large-scale cloud storage service providers no follow up.

for the 115 SkyDrive in the industry to set a good example of the way the industry analysts believe that this is because the 115 SkyDrive has been the user interests in the first place because of the current Internet environment; development is comprehensive purification stage, 115 to clean up the SkyDrive active content to fully show that the 115 SkyDrive as a quality and services to the cloud storage service providers, keep for the sake of users mentality.

The 115

believes that the move will not only to other industries and enterprises to establish a good example, but also in terms of customer service to bring the safeguard, the SkyDrive 115 to conduct a comprehensive clean-up actions on the content, in addition to fully implement the 115 full implementation of user service oriented concept, but also to a certain extent opened >