Homemade food online trading site Gobble millions of dollars in financing

Beijing time on May 12th message, according to foreign media reports, homemade food online trading site Gobble recently received $1 million 300 thousand financing, investors include LinkedIn founder Reid · Hoffman (Reid Hoffman), Felicis Ventures, Founder Collective and other 13 venture capital companies and individuals.

Gobble allows consumers to find a neighbor’s homemade food on the site. The goal of Munchery and other sites is to push private chefs to the public, while Gobble focuses on providing food for family cooking in the online marketplace. This web site is a graduate of Stanford University Austria Shama · Garg (Ooshma Garg) was founded, she is very love to eat healthy food to do at home, but during college and graduate work in a start-up company, she found that she had little time to cook, so the company website.

on the Gobble website, the user can order food to the local family chef. Users can search according to the needs of the food or other filtering conditions, Gobble will be based on the chef cooking food categories and users to match. Registered members can also comment on the food and scoring.

whether it’s a professional chef or a person who likes to cook, you can sell your skills to your neighbors on Gabble. Each chef will get a basic score, which will then rise or fall according to the quality of the food. Garg and her team will try to eat every chef’s food and make a guarantee on the website.

Gobble before the scope of service is limited to California Palo Otto (Palo Alto), but has been extended to the San Francisco area. The current round of financing will be used to fund the development of the site.

industry insiders pointed out that due to take out food is not healthy; Gobble provides an opportunity to allow consumers to eat healthy and nutritious homemade food. If the size of the Gobble can continue to expand, the future will be limitless.