Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan integration, epilepsy row up, to reopen the Juhuasuan auction mechanism

weekend, Zhang Jianfeng, the new president of China’s retail business group Alibaba (epilepsy) for the first time to disclose Juhuasuan’s strategic planning. Which re auction mechanism to strengthen the support of a single product, Taobao excellent brand to support the focus of this year’s work to become Juhuasuan.

this is the first time China’s retail business group Alibaba disclosure strategy. Since listing, Ali began another round of restructuring, the biggest change is a Alibaba in March this year, Chinese retail business group founded Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, are integrated for three platforms at the same time as the president of epilepsy.

goal – to support outstanding single product and excellent C shop

Ali, Ma to Juhuasuan’s position is "heavenly sword". Relative to Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan is more conducive to businesses to showcase the brand place, in 2015, Juhuasuan will open up more resources, and resources to high-quality single product and excellent C shop tilt.

according to the description of epilepsy:

first, Ali will re open Juhuasuan platform to business auction. As long as their products feel confident, but also in line with the basic conditions, any business has the opportunity to Juhuasuan

second, Juhuasuan 2015 will strengthen support for single product. A lot of C store sellers goods than those big brands rich, but he may have a lot of excellent single product, Juhuasuan will strengthen the support of these single products.

third, C shop’s big brand, especially the original, innovative, or have a factory to do rely on, factory direct supply of the brand, and Juhuasuan can form a strategic cooperation. Ali has a lot of opportunities (such as poly custom) to support these brands."

games – import, custom, discount……

Taobao Juhuasuan Marketing Manager Liu Bo (a law) said, "this year, Juhuasuan will strengthen communication with businesses and closely, we will do more to advance communication, more businesses to some certain resources, so that businesses can better realize the depth of focus on the outbreak and the outbreak. In addition, we will also have a reverse investment merchants."

in addition to the mobile phone Taobao’s Amoy buy business depth combination, Juhuasuan will launch a more three-dimensional gameplay. Juhuasuan is a single product before, but they are ready to import business line. At the same time, the wholesale business, transverse customized business will further strengthen.

Luo also said that in the Juhuasuan platform, high customer price of commodities also have good sales, "for example, we did the Haier super group, Haier products a customer price is not low, the sales situation is very good."

ultimate dream – to promote industrial upgrading

Ali how to get the future, in 2015, regardless of big data, cloud platform or a variety of business platforms, the focus is to serve the traditional areas of the Internet is not strong enough. If the future >