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Dangdang and Jingdong seriously disrupted the development route, and with the rise of suning.com, Gome Kuba, Dangdang is gradually marginalized. This year, Dangdang began to build its own brand, the main products and clothing, this happens to every guest mode to the collision, and the recent news of vintage Yuzuo book business. It seems Dangdang own brand clothing to promote the customer’s nerves, to borrow old anti copy Dangdang posterior. In fact, Dangdang clothing products is not enough to simply and where customers may want to borrow is as old Dangdang trend, the development of V+ platform.

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first half of the year, dangdang.com released its own brand "Dangdang is superior", involving men’s and women’s wear, underwear and textile products, and we are in conflict. According to statistics, dangdang.com clothing page visit to the total amount of 1.98%, there have been small achievements, dangdang.com claiming to total sales of billions of dollars by the end of may. Dangdang approach seems to touch the customer’s nerves, Dangdang as a business platform began to do its own brand, to enter the online apparel retail, and excellent will founder Vintage as ever sit idly by


from the point of view of scale, currently Dangdang and where the customer is not comparable, but Dangdang just get involved in its own brand of apparel products, there are still many problems to be faced with. Early Dangdang own brand clothing only focus on the basic fashion models, do not get involved in the supply chain is more difficult to control the popular fashion, by improving their own brand inventory turnover rate to minimize risk. But do all aspects of its own brand to the design, production, packaging, marketing and other downstream, when dangdang.com early, can only take the "OEM" approach. While Dangdang products take OEM mode, and to reduce the risk of only a basic style, so it is difficult to be differentiated Dangdang products, so its production capacity is relatively small, and the factory where the negotiation ability than weak a lot, and a short time is difficult to do some customized products. But if u really can help Dangdang dangdang.com profit that Dangdang will increase investment in this area, in order to ensure that the old plan to counter no danger of anything going wrong, Dangdang.

vintage books Dangdang anti copy with

experience from the old person, extended book category is not impossible. In 2000, Chen participated in the founding of joyo.com, served as director of the library, served as executive vice president of joyo.com in February 2004. Vintage books market resources, really want to do the book category for vintage is not difficult. In addition, in October 21st last year, where the customer has been selling authorized biography "Steve · Jobs biography", is an attempt to book category, but the official said at the time: "at present there is no large-scale access to the book industry plan." A training time is only where the customer, in this year when Dangdang into its own brand clothing market, where the anti copy books Dangdang books category where the posterior expansion, homeopathy is a natural thing.

a lot of people say, we will not be the expansion of the expansion of the category book business, because the book market is extremely red – >