Schools stay open on storm day

The latest blast of winter delivered a nasty blow to Southern Ontario. It’s left a lot of snow on the ground and while it’s still coming down in some eastern parts of the province, the worst of it is now behind us. But this punishing winter isn’t letting up. We’re now under a cold alert because temperatures are expected to dip to minus 15 or lower Wednesday night. The big chill follows a day filled with huge pile-ups and headaches on the roads. But even though it was a big mess out there, it was not a snow day for most students.In Peel and Halton, the buses weren’t running but the schools were open. In Hamilton and Niagara, schools were open, with full bus service. Although, we overheard some bus drivers at the end of the day wondering whether they’d make it down the side streets that are part of their routes.Mid afternoon, the Lincoln Alexander Parkway was slick, and before long, car after car plowed into the ditch.there was a whiteout. everybody hit their brakes. & sure enough.One tractor trailer was pointed the wrong way in the opposite lane of traffic, another was jacknifed to the side. Eventually police closed the section between Garth and Upper Wentworth.Not far from there, parents were picking up their kids from school. Many wondered why they were there.“Absolutely ridiculous. They were off last Monday, there was no snow. Today, should have been a snow day for sure.“When you know it’s going to snow all day, I just think the risk of driving, getting your car stuck, that’s the issue.”“This is too much snow, especially for parents like us who have to pick their kids up.”The kids however, were fine.“We played outside both breaks. It was great. We had a lot of fun outside and we had a lot on nutrition break too.”The City of Hamilton has said it is rationing salt because of a shortage. Hardware stores are having trouble keeping it in stock as well.“The salt situation is not great. We’re out of the bags; we have salt in containers. That’s more expensive. So we tell people to mix it with sand.”“We’re selling as much sand as salt.”Shovellers are starting to feel like Sisyphus, the mythical Greek figure who keeps pushing his rock up the hill only to watch it fall, and start all over.“Have to get up earlier to clean the driveway. Bad drive to work, then I come and find all the snow here. Trying to get businesses going and it makes it hard.”There are lots of cars unable to stay on the roads. Hamilton police are asking people, if you absolutely have to drive, take it slow. Keep lots of distance between you and the car in front of you, and make sure your headlights are on. And if you see a hill or incline ahead of you, try to keep momentum going and the wheels moving.