Regional seminars drive home the business case for sustainability

Oxford – Tuesday 30 April, hosted by BMW Group, Oxford More details are available from the SMMT Sustainability Unit on 0207 344 9200 or by E-MailNotes to editors: Companies in the automotive supply chain are being offered the chance to participate in a series of regional seminars to find out how they can benefit from adopting sustainable business strategies.The free seminars will be held in April and are part of a DTI-funded programme aimed at presenting the business case for sustainability. This includes advice on how to start addressing sustainability issues by implementing practical measures into every day operations.The seminars will bring together companies from across the sector and experts will be on hand to provide advice across a range of environmental, economic and social issues. Companies will learn how they can cut costs through waste reduction and introduce measures to increase energy efficiency. They will also have the chance to discuss themes like funding and economic implications with representatives of SMMT, Industry Forum, DTI, Envirowise and the Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme. SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan said, ‘This is a key opportunity for companies in the automotive supply chain to learn how making sustainability a part of mainstream strategies can help grow their business. Sustainability makes business sense and SMMT is working with the government to help our industry make this a reality.’ The following dates and locations have been set in April: Lancashire – Thursday 25 April, hosted by Volex Wiring Systems, Leigh Coventry – Wednesday 24 April, hosted by Jaguar Cars, Coventry The automotive Sustainability Strategy was launched by the SMMT in March 2000 with 11 major companies, employing more than 95,000 people and with a combined annual turnover of over £20,000 million, as founding signatories. The first Annual Report provided detailed information and assessment of the industry’s performance in three key areas; environmental, social and economic. The second Annual Sustainability Report, published in 2001, increased its coverage with 18 major companies reporting across 44 sites in the UK. The report now reflects a total sector turnover of £45 billion with exports totalling £19.8 billion. Copies can be downloaded from (this website).Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)