Ali logistics strategy to control the entire electricity supplier courier industry

text / Wang Liyang (Sohu IT contributing author)

recently, Ali announced the establishment of the organization CSN, which once again aroused the attention of the electricity business, logistics industry Ali logistics strategy. Ali comprehensive logistics development for the past two years, the position of view, in fact, Ali’s logistics development strategy is very clear, it is not difficult to find the depth of research in the logistics of Ali’s ambition to dominate. The socialization of logistics is the development direction of Ali has always been the pursuit of "Webgather" logistics "network Po + CSN+ Ali service station, consisting of a three-dimensional logistics strategy Ali deep.

Ali build social logistics platform

Ali has been declared not self logistics, but to do social logistics platform. Tmall President Zhang Yong announced that Tmall to build an open B2C platform, build a brand manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and logistics providers, including various types of third party service provider cooperation, B2C ecological system together to provide consumers with high-quality goods and services, for the B2C industry chain, including logistics links Tmall will not be happy to do everything. For express logistics, Tmall will give full play to the influence and integration of resources and the ability to mobilize the platform to promote the socialization of express logistics resources division of labor more optimized to promote the construction of a whole chain of electricity supplier logistics system.

Zhang Yong of the business enterprise and courier companies do a solidarity, who who is missing. No, Tmall provides orders into parcels in the upstream, the logistics company with its service ability to send this parcel to the hands of consumers, the realization of this service. Speaking of self built logistics view, Zhang Yong said, Tmall and Taobao is a social trading platform, need social logistics platform, although the Jingdong store company in self built logistics, but in the long run, the socialization of logistics is the direction.

2012 Tmall and Taobao transaction size has reached 1 trillion and 100 billion a year, the average daily UV billion, the average daily PV has reached the order of magnitude of 1 billion. The State Post Bureau data show that in 2012 the national scale courier service enterprise business volume completed 5 billion 690 million, which is 3 billion 700 million Ma said that Ali, Tmall and Taobao in 2012 average daily birth number of package has 10 million scale, 2012 double eleven day is more than 78 million, at present no one or even several logistics companies to be able to absorb such a large amount of Ali logistics demand, this is Ali doing direct factors of social logistics. In addition, Tmall and Taobao itself is a social trading platform, there must be a social logistics platform in order to match it, so as to support the development of Tmall and Taobao platforms and industries.

Zhang Yong in the last year had announced that: in terms of Ali, in fact, we have never been self built logistics, we just make some warehouse land investment in strategic locations, actually this is only the industry chain of a ring, and these investments will eventually provide the warehousing enterprises, including logistics company.