Prisoners without pudding after equipment malfunction causes 1000 icecreams to melt

Spice is regularly smoked through vapes as an alternative to tobacco (banned since March 2018). Drugs dogs regularly detect Spice impregnated in letters posted in.Violence had increased by over 50 per cent since 2017. Officers and prisoners were frequently assaulted: in March 2019 four officers and around 40 prisoners were assaulted each week.A Prison Service spokeswoman said a new management team had made “significant improvements” since the inspection, including a new drugs strategy combining more cell searches with better addiction treatment, more money to refurbish cells, and action on violence. Prisoners at one of UK’s most rundown jails have been left without hot puddings and ice cream after equipment broke.Two big kitchen mixers have been broken for two years at Pentonville which meant there were no hot puddings for inmates,  says the jail’s Independent Monitoring Board report. And 1,000 tubs of ice cream melted when two freezers at Pentonville prison broke in NovemberThe report painted a stark picture of an ageing and poorly maintained prison fabric. After an escape and murder at Pentonville prison in 2016, 800 cells needed either window or grille replaced but only 480 had been completed by March 2019Heating failure in some areas of Pentonville prison for days at a time, while infestations of vermin, masses of cockroaches, and fleas or pigeon mites in an industrial cleaning workshop.Staff corruption resulted in several arrests for trafficking contraband but a Victorian era main gate made it impossible to install a full body scanner. Nor was there space for all staff to have a locker to store their belongings, said the report.Improvised weapons are found on an almost daily basis. Mobile phones from the tiniest Zanco brand to a regular sized smart phone are routinely found, smuggled in by prisoners, their visitors or staff. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.