Why Lana Del Rey is the Queen of the Internet

first_img Holyholeando / TumblrNerd Tacos / TumblrLana Del Who / Tumblr via IdolatorWhile some were a tad more suggestivevia Vesertlne / TumblrSadamander / TumblrAnd you can’t beat a bit of Nicolas Cage related spoofery:via Cheezburger4. Llama Related LolsYou probably saw this Lana Del Rey meme:via Imgur Well there’s also a Twitter account for all your Llama Del Rey needs:5. Generally very good video parodiesThe memes may be out of control when it comes to Lana Del Rey but there’s still some decent spoofage on YouTube too.There’s this guy who will convince you that Lana with a beard almost make sense:Joshua Maddox Wellington / YouTubeThis totally weird and slightly questionable parody that features actual llamassensitivewhitegirls / YouTubeA Lana Del Rey take on Shit Girls SayCharlieHidesTV / YouTubeAnd how we’ll order takeaways from now on:CandySliceComedy / YouTube6. Lana Del Rey DancingAfter Lana appeared on Saturday Night Live she was criticised for looking uncomfortable and dancing awkwardly.via JezebelNever one to miss a trick, the internet took this as a chance to make Lana’s weird dancing combine with various pop culture wonders LANA DEL REY is playing Dublin today and tomorrow as part of a sell-out world tour.She’s a relative newcomer to the pop music landscape but has made a pretty big impact.In fact, online Lana has been the subject of plenty of memes and general internet mockery which makes us think she may be the Queen of the Internet.1. Her much spoofed album coverHere is what Lana’s first album Born To Die looks: Hvergerold/ Tumblr via AmazonThanks to the internet said album cover has been parodied numerous times, including these gemsCyndistry / TumblrLana Del Who / Tumblr Alex Towers / Twitter2. Video Games as sung by a duckYou might think having a Donald Duck impersonator sing Video Games over the original video might be too silly to be funny.But you’d be wrong:balak / YouTube3. Valentine’s CardsLana’s general internet love led to some “interesting” takes on the typical Valentine’s greeting.This one is quite nice As you can see Lana Del Rey is an endlessly gif ready, meme machine that rules the internet:via Hipster RunoffAnd Lana seems fine with itFrocktacular, frocktacular: What did the slebs wear to the Billboard Music Awards?>Alanis Morissette to star in new film about Irish architect>last_img