New Sega Game Powered By Pee

first_imgThanks to Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, we’ve seen plenty of innovation as of as of late, when it comes to gaming devices. But the Wiimote, PlayStation Move, Kinect, and even the 3DS all pale in comparison to the sheer breakthrough innovation that Sony is offering the world with its latest invention–the Toylet.The new technology is urinal-based, challenging players/pee-ers to compete in four different urine-based mini-games while doing their business. The games included pee quantifier “Manneken Pis;” image eliminator “Graffiti Eraser;” “The North Wind and Her,” in which the player attempts to lift a woman’s dress with his urine; and “Milk From Nose,” which pits two milk-squirting sumo wrestlers against one another.The games have been installed in four Japanese metro stations, where they’ll be up in a test run until the 31st. The games also include a USB port, so player can download their high scores to a flash drive. But please, wash your hands when you’re finished. Screenshots after jump.last_img