Anonymous release translated Stuxnet Worm code online

first_imgLast week we covered a couple of news pieces relating to the attacks made by the Internet vigilante group Anonymous on HBGary’s servers. They left the CEO Aaron Barr reeling with his personal emails stolen and the company facing millions of dollars in losses.But the attacks have caused an even bigger concern, after all when you attack a security company their aim is to maintain security right? Not only for their own data but also data that could be deemed potentially dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. Well this is exactly what has happened, as Anonymous managed to find decrypted code of the “Stuxnet worm” that HBGary was analyzing at the time.AdChoices广告Stuxnet is a worm that has been described as the most dangerous cyber weapon ever created. We must point out that it was not the worm itself, rather a translation of the code that is easier to read and as a result could be used as a building block for cyber criminals and god knows who else. The worm was rumored to have been the main culprit that crippled Iran’s nuclear power program last December.The “Stuxnet worm” itself is designed to act like a cyber missile and can evade detection and penetrate even the most advanced of security systems. With the Iran example it was able to take control of the centrifuge systems at the uranium processing center and it also managed to control the turbine at the nuclear reactor in Bashehr.You could argue that if HBGary were studying something so dangerous why did they not ensure that security was tighter? However, security analysts now believe that the release of the code won’t lead to an immediate threat, but it is only a matter of time before it is exploited, some predict mere weeks until that happens.Read more at Fox Newslast_img