Amazon goes way past the extra mile with Reddit user

first_imgIt is widely known that the internet has the power to make or break a company or an individual. Most of the time, that power is used to bring to light something that went wrong or poor customer service. This story, however, is about how Amazon went the extra mile to refund a customer, even when the situation was not their fault.Reddit user zambuka42, had an interesting and heart lifting conversation with an online service rep from Amazon when his order from them was lost. What makes this very interesting is that Amazon sent the items to the right place, and on time. It was the United States Postal Service (USPS) that lost the items after Amazon had shipped them off.Zambuka42 is currently volunteering in Tanzania. To help pass the time when he is not working, Zambuka42 ordered some books from Amazon, and had them shipped to his parents. This went off without a hitch, as the parents received the books on time and then repackaged them to be sent to their son in Tanzania. At this point is where the problems entered in as the package of books was lost by the USPS on it’s way to Africa.Understandably disappointed, Zambuka42 got online to talk with Amazon about re-ordering the titles he had purchased before. During the course of the conversation it was mentioned that the books were lost in the mail, to which the Amazon rep asked if she could take a moment to investigate that. Upon her return, she offered a full refund to Zambuka42, even though it had nothing to do with Amazon at all!  Even after the rep was informed of this fact, she insisted on giving the refund.Pretty classy on Amazon’s part to allow this refund to happen. Zambuka42’s response was to put an image of the conversation he had on Reddit, where it has half a million views already. Amazon could never pay for that kind of advertisement, ever.To see the screenshot of the conversation, click here.Reddit, via Techni.comlast_img