Quake 4 to be rereleased on Xbox 360

first_imgSeeing a popular game re-released on console platforms is something gamers have got used to. But typically these games appear in updated form, such as their graphics being given the HD treatment. Unusually, Bethesda has decided to re-release a game on the same format it was originally released for, and with no such updates applied. That game is Quake 4.The reason given for the re-release is one of availability. Quake 4 originally appeared for Xbox 360 as a console launch game back in November 2005. That mean’s you’d be hard pressed to find a new copy today, and Bethesda is concerned gamers may have missed it the first time around.With that in mind, it will be made available again from June 19 for $19.99 in the US. For some reason Europe will see a re-release on PC as well, even though the game is already available through services such as Steam.What’s most unusual about the Xbox 360 release is the lack of an update. Those who played the game on Microsoft’s console may remember it had some serious frame rate issues and the level loading times were quite bad. The multiplayer aspect of the game was also an issue due to glitches on Xbox Live.Surely Bethesda would want to fix such issues before a re-release? Or maybe they hope a lower price point will mean they are overlooked? I hope they have fixed the problems and just haven’t said anything about it yet. There’s also the question of whether any additions made to the PC version in later updates will make it into the 360 version, such as the community map pack and refreshed multiplayer gameplay.Read more at the Bethesda Bloglast_img