An iPhone case that looks and feels like grass in your hand

first_imgIf you sign up for a new mobile contract and pay for an expensive smartphone, chances are you will want to protect it from damage in some kind of case or sleeve. There’s plenty of choices out there, from a simple band around the edges right through to the military-grade protective casings that turn your phone into an impenetrable brick.Of course, there’s also novelty cases that are more about look and feel than protection. The Shibaful lush lawn iPhone case certainly falls into that category while offering up something rather unique.Japanese company Ag Ltd. has set out to create a case that has both the look and texture of a lawn. More specifically, recreating the grass you’d find at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. And it looks like they succeeded based on the video below. In your hand it should feel like grass while it certainly looks like the green stuff.The case was created in Ag’s shared office space called Shibuya Altelier, which houses other companies specializing in 3D printing, laser cutting, and other digital production machinery that helped in the case’s creation. In order to get the look and feel of grass on the casing Ag used electrostatic flocking and five different colors of fiber.Flocking is done using a high-voltage electric field, negative charged synthetic fiber particles, and an earthed substrate, in this case the casing, which has also been covered in glue. The fibers are shot on to the surface where they are glued in place to build up the final textured surface.Ag plans to produce other lawn cases that depict the grass from New York’s Central Park and Hyde Park in London. They can also cut the grass back if you want a message or design embedded within it.For now, the Yoyogi Park case is being offered on a limited run of 100 at a cost of 3,980 yen (US$40) each. Mass production of the case is also planned depending on demand.last_img