Its Colorist Appreciation Day

first_imgToday in the comic book world is Colorist Appreciation Day. Often unsung heroes in the medium and only very recently getting cover credit and an opportunity for royalties at publishers like DC Comics. While there are many creators in webcomics and some other formats that have the time and ability to color their own line work, the incredibly tight deadlines required to keep the floppies afloat and the demand for quality requires highly skilled and specialized colorists who deserve our appreciation. There are countless colorists that have worked in comics for decades, and unfortunately some that may never get properly credited from the Golden Age of Comics before creators were properly credited, I can highlight at least a few here. While just about everyone with even a novice knowledge of the format knows about Watchmen we only really talk about writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons. John Higgins coloring in Watchmen added great weight to the series and gave it a haunting, foreboding tone that would not have translated to the page otherwise. He also colored the now infamous Batman: The Killing Joke.Just about everyone knows the X-Men, and fans of the comics all know that the Chris Claremont and Jim Lee X-Men #1 is one of the highest selling comics of all time. What a lot of people don’t necessarily know is it was colored by Joe Rosas. He is a very accomplished colorist whose work runs the gamut of Marvel titles and other classic X storylines like Extinction Agenda.Those are just two big examples of colorists who have had an incredible impact on the medium and helped change comics. There are so many colorists that I also adore that I need you all to know about. Colorists like Laura Allred who is a favorite of mine from X-Statix alone which is to this day probably my favorite addition to the X comics. Elizabeth Breitweiser’s muted color work in noir titles sells the tone of the genre just as well if not better than the writing and line work, and the moody colors in her superhero work always elevate the story. Laura Martin is the gold standard for a colorist on Wonder Woman and has been integral to the initial success of the Rebirth relaunch of the title as well as having worked on the latest Black Panther reboot and fan favorite series like Planetary. Tamra Bonvillain is able to use her technique to bring out the bright, fun and strange natures of comics like Doom Patrol and Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur in a way that only a colorist can. These are just a few of the many, many colorists that we should all be appreciating today. If you aren’t familiar with some of the names I’ve mentioned, go check them out. When you read a comic today, make sure you check to see who the colorist is if you don’t already. And make sure you do it from here on out; not just on Colorist Appreciation Day.View as: One Page Slides1. Tamra [email protected] Kelly [email protected] 3. Sarah [email protected] Matt [email protected] Marissa [email protected] Shari [email protected] [email protected] Dee [email protected] Nick [email protected]/nick_filardi10. Charlie [email protected] us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img