Baidu has a new platform formally launched positioning local life information services

April 20th morning news, announced at the end of last month after the closure of the mall business, Baidu has ah today officially launched a new version of C2C transformation and by positioning as a local living information service platform.

in fact, Baidu has ah as early as last year, to have ah life released the above local life information service platform, but now officially switched to Baidu home page.

at the same time, as the existence of mall C2C Baidu still exist. According to Baidu, ah, said there is no clear plan to unify the and, will still be closed to businesses and shops time or transfer adjustment.

this means that Baidu has ah officially transformed into a local living information service provider: a new platform provides a marriage, mother, family services, education and training, sports and leisure, beauty, health, tickets and other 8 business information industry classification, preferential information, group purchase convenient payment and related local service information.

According to

, Baidu has ah introduced a new platform with Baidu "Box Computing" platform to achieve a seamless, when users search of consumer related keywords, "Box Computing" calls from the matching information display. For example, search "for concert tickets," the show is the major current city concert, drama theater, concert ticket information, and can be directly in the Baidu web search business booking; some names will be displayed with the LOGO, after have certification business information retrieval; "Yuesao", "the wedding", "moving" and other words, will feedback the corresponding merchant list information.

In addition to

, accompanied by a new platform for Baidu ah on-line, there are also quietly to the road signs to replace the original shopping bag Logo logo, the slogan is also a new find life".

Cai Hu, general manager of Baidu

e-commerce business unit, said there is a new platform on the line is Baidu to explore the search + e-commerce model of further extension.

"half a year ago, Baidu has ah try life platform, Baidu is very optimistic about the universal direction of e-commerce based on the consumer service life, we look forward to exploring new ah can be more widely, more depth to help people meet the needs of life and consumption." Cai Hu said. (Cui Xi)