Website promotion Cheats using QQ group promotion

QQ is the largest China as everyone knows, instant chat software, it is also the largest China QQ chat groups, and each of the QQ group are industry segments, such as China stationmaster group, environmental protection and energy saving group exchange group and so on, each of the QQ group is a professional professional, or those who pay close attention to this. The so, our great master ah, how can you miss this a good opportunity to promote their website?


through the QQ group promotion, we first thought is that the advertisement in the group, in fact, this is just the first method, is also the next move, the effect is not good, is a chat in real time, you send the advertisement soon to be the top of the disappeared, the exposure rate is extremely low; the two is the most people are very sensitive to advertising, click rate is extremely low; the three is the opportunity of T group, a very high risk; so what method, I tell you, is through the QQ group mail promotion, good effect, high exposure rate, click rate is high, you say, my Chinese network (energy saving and emission reduction, energy saving and environmental protection aspects of the site, I will through the QQ advanced search function, find the energy saving and environmental protection of the QQ group, then the group according to the number of sorting, plus the most, then a group of mail can, through the mail group Promotion, there are some benefits:

1, QQ group has been the industry segments, so your ad is very counterpart, the effect is good

2, QQ will prompt each QQ users have a new group of messages, and even if the user is not online, the next line will be reminded by pop-up window, advertising exposure rate of

3, which can QQ group mail hyperlinks, and as the first said, are special people, already on your website that the content is very interested, so, ad click rate will be higher

4, now QQ super group can reach a maximum of 500 people, you think, if you add 10 and relevant content on your site, then your advertising links will be displayed on the 5000 person’s eye, but it is worth noting that 5000 people, and your professional counterparts effect as can be imagined,

5, the equivalent of advertising sent directly inside the group, the main group is the possibility to reduce


6, advertising cycle show, that is, if you send a group of mail is a group of friends reply, then QQ will pop up in the form of a reminder window, announced the bombing, the effect will not be bad.