Ctrip was $1 billion financing Priceline investment increased by $500 million

[TechWeb] December 11th news, Ctrip announced the acquisition of Priceline group and a long-term equity investment company $500 million convertible bonds investment. In addition, Priceline was allowed to continue to buy Ctrip American Depositary Receipts held until Ctrip 15% shares in the open market, the shareholding ratio of Priceline including Ctrip in May 2015 issued $250 million of convertible bonds issued in August 2014 and $500 million in convertible bonds.


Ctrip $1 billion financing Priceline increased investment of $500 million

Priceline business cooperation with Ctrip began in 2012, after August 2014 and May of this year, Ctrip respectively Priceline5 billion and $250 million in convertible bonds, and allows the Priceline through the open market to buy the number of shares.

it is reported that the future Ctrip and Priceline will continue to share and promote the two sides of the platform on both sides of the accommodation products. Ctrip co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of the board, said Liang Jianzhang, the investment to strengthen the cooperation between Priceline and Ctrip, the future will be long-term close cooperation. (Ming Yu)