See from the dating site promotion offbeat energy-saving speculation

we now know, Fengjie fire is a out and out hype events. Such a strange looking woman can quickly become popular, people have to sigh event marketing power. At the same time, it also gives us a revelation, is actually the website promotion should not only with those of others also used conventional methods for thousands of times, with some unexpected offbeat practices can often be achieved wonders. Take a website for it, we can try the following methods.

, a marriage event hype

is referring to the famous Xifeng Road, please people (preferably a stranger, speculation over leave, let people can not be found to be false) in the downtown area of high-profile marriage, marriage can also be another person wearing outlandish costume, next to help, sending leaflets or lifting sign. Proceed from the aspects of dress, action and marriage conditions, be sure to attract people’s attention, leave a contact with people QQ and a dating web user name. Another person pretending to passers-by to take pictures, shoot the video, and then upload to the local forum, and the organization of people constantly posted, comments and forwarding. There is a rebellion to the identity of the person told local media, the reporters all day meal to do the most love this strange and eccentric things, if the media help you free publicity, you can shuangwai. In addition to high-profile marriage way, can also be offbeat marriage, can refer to the beginning of the Zhengzhou monk marriage event. He asked the monk, you won’t get a


two, the real marriage event

if you are afraid of the event was eventually found to be false, will play out the fire, affecting the reputation of the site, then good, come to some real bar. Check your website registered user information, or inquire about the people and things around you, you will find some special person to marriage, here is a very good material. For example, a seventy or eighty year old elderly, widowed elderly, to find a wife together through the rest of the day; a disabled Shencanzhijian, want to find a person to ride out the storm. If you find such a person, to persuade him out of open marriage, also has a good effect. This event may be published in the forum will be almost, but the benefits are more likely to attract the attention of traditional media, because the main theme, the media can be much stronger than the forum.


soft marriage story

if you don’t have the ability to speculation, then engage in online, you can write soft Wen marriage story. For example, 1, "this girl is as pretty as a flower * * city to marriage, men are blind", then beauty diagram, picture URL and beauty username. 2, the "blind date today encountered an extremely gold digger, I have a slap on the fan in the past" 3, "I’m going on a blind date, the other is a rich handsome, 4 sisters to support weapon ah", "lonely women married% less from outside year round husband play the marriage, the results." the title must be attractive to the eye, to seize the gossip psychological adventures, immediately click go to see, the key is not perfectly logical and reasonable content as far as possible, the spear "