Do you have 3 webmaster

I have been to the identity of visitors to view the information network

through Adsense nets I know a lot of webmaster and I used to

do stand update advertising revenue…..

found out the personal webmaster want to develop is

on the Internet

first about the webmaster has 3:

1 talent

is very simple, talent refers to our webmaster is essential for

website technology

technology is difficult to do, such as the security of the site is the biggest risk

figure Wang’s Admin5 has also been invaded, but are some very good friends can be said to help the test did not affect the Admin5

2 money

this does not need to say that everyone knows whether in the network or the reality of his.



" " slave; use this word to and is a " ",


actually I personally think it is more appropriate to use this word for the user

on your website viscosity publicity and attention does not need me to say

this man can be said to be our God without him nor