Analysis of the relationship between consumption and consultation in the bidding process

Hello I’m Hebei pie, now give you some, when we have not changed the consumer advisory account of how to solve? Because there are many auction, will add, write creative, but problems don’t know how to solve. Following a brief introduction to a number of small accounts in the case of consumption without consulting solutions:

can take a look at the mind map is better understood more clearly:

: we first determine the account flow is accurate, this is a premise, if not accurate, there is a transformation in much traffic is not our first thing to do is to check our flow quality.


if it is a hundred percent of the daily consumption of 3-4 account I go directly to the background to look at the statistics, the key to our site is accurate. If it is a little more account I see is the key word here is why consumer reports, small accounts to see Baidu search word statistics because of the small account in search of statistics and not many not targeted directly at Baidu statistics a bit better, then I say how to check account we find, account of the high consumption of the word, find the search terms report these words look at those words is accurate.

here we need to be judged: nothing more precise and imprecise, so how to solve the two situations.

first: traffic is not accurate transformation

if the traffic is not accurate on the need to adjust the matching mode of our keywords, no words, in the account is to delete words, word processing.

traffic: regional traffic is not good company traffic word flow word

second: precision without conversion

this is also a headache problem, that is, there is no question of traffic is no consulting.

first: correlation

station: (1) firstly, we determine the flow accuracy is no problem, then we need to look at our bidding landing page is not relevant, is not our product has the problem, if there is a problem of landing page optimization.

reasons: (2) if the landing page is no problem, then we continue to investigate, look at the landing page of our competitors and our own comparison. For example: we are selling blood pressure a brand, competition for the new version of the auction, more concessions, but we are selling the old version of the price is high, if so we naturally have the competitiveness.

second: industry

if the above strategy we are adjusted after or without consulting it, then we look at the changes in our industry, if done is seasonal products certainly will be affected.

mind mapping: