Baidu is now more and more cattle, personal webmaster should pay attention to!


, now more and more cattle, our personal webmaster day is getting more and more with his people, harassed by people more and more, we rely on Baidu to eat, anyway, at least I.

Once the

from Baidu to flow, went to GG to get the money, the feeling, you don’t know how much! But now everything has changed, many of us are Baidu and GG also abandoned, and Baidu to the railway station has become a whore that we don’t know what he’s doing, Baidu… Ponder over!

from my recent site by Baidu K and the charge, received another K, I found a good method to let Baidu included:
1, stick to your theme for the station, for example, you do a notebook computer forum, you don’t say what car, such as a job, designed to… Collected and stable, then you go to the other optimization, I think a new station, you honestly do three months!

2, it is the original, this is everybody mentioned, you can not start the original writing, to copy ah, when you read, don’t copy the homework? Anyway, I copied, and now also copy… Oh, you want to copy, change, change a little careful, but you also perfunctory perfunctory, search engine…

3, on the page clean degree, this seems very important, I have two station, almost all settings, the same column is very simple, is a 5UCMS program and a film program (  ) the ( is relatively complex, this station is certainly very simple love by Baidu.. And the relatively complex.. Baidu came a few times… Poor

4, do not do more links, to do a little bit older to be included in the station, but also the kind of

often updated

5, adhere to update every day, you update an article also line ah! In the process of development of the new station, you can easily disappear from Baidu for a period of time, do not know the legend of the sandbox… I do not know, anyway, I have a few stations, in the early days, have been ravaged by Baidu! You insist on update, forget Baidu, remember your central idea, do the central idea of the station!