Micro-blog marketing in the end how to set up the stage to sing

around more and more friends will join the Internet business force, a large part of which carry the micro-blog marketing machine gun, ready to go. We usually say, work to do his work well, must first sharpen his tools, however, often in order to "things" and "benefit" and "wrong", entrepreneurship has become flat and uninteresting, no direction. So, there is nothing wrong with the trend, the way is really important!

one, the type of micro-blog Marketing – what exactly do you do?

micro-blog marketing, from the perspective of relying on the platform, divided into:

l public form

l autonomous form

1 public comprehensive form, mainly relying on the above exchange platform to third parties, such as Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog and other Tencent, audience types; marketing space, and other aspects of the micro-blog information dissemination to parallel with; point of view, the operation action, information release frequency relatively high; potential customers in the "forward", "comment" and "attention" and other acts, can be captured, but the customer is not easy to manage, high turnover rate;

is suitable for the product promotion of primary, and the product itself (for example, the popular consumer category of clothing, cosmetics, baby products and other suitable), on this basis, can be realized using the micro-blog marketing scheme can, at present there are many micro-blog marketing outsourcing company, such as micro-blog and


2 independent single form, mainly relying on the owners own website or their own websites, such as micro-blog, micro-blog and other times Huayi, audience type vertical clear; marketing space, topic environment relatively centralized; the spread of to look, because have delineated the target customers, reach the scope and efficiency are improved accordingly marketing information; potential customers log in micro-blog, you can capture, easy management and development become the customer value;

To promote the sustainable development of the

is more suitable for traditional products, or enterprise portal site has been the webmaster, (for example, webmaster forum, doctor-patient relationship, teaching class, enterprise internal management, etc.) and the webmaster website or the product itself has a certain basis of specialization, on the basis of this, using the micro-blog system tools to reform and innovation can be realized, such as Notepad dog such as micro-blog systems.

two, look at the development of micro-blog Marketing – you in the end for what to do such a thing?

has a very good description of the problem, that is, "network promotion, re exposure; vertical promotion, re sale". Everything is a process of development and evolution, micro-blog marketing is also true. The ultimate purpose of entrepreneurship is nothing but to generate their own profit model, making money is the last word. Therefore, the publicity of the public micro-blog will transition to an independent marketing management model, or at the same time there is a focus on the existence of.

three, exactly