Acquisition of PPS, Baidu and want to have what in the video industry

recent industry news friends all know, Baidu yesterday to a big move, the acquisition of audio and video products PPS, so as to enrich the original Iqiyi business. According to sources, the purchase price should be around 500 million, so Baidu once again in the video industry to go what move

?In fact,

recent heavy news about the video industry is still a lot of, for example, was held in Beijing a few days ago the iResearch annual summit, the Internet giants of mobile video future expansion of Lenovo, innovation, multi screen and other elements such as is mentioned, then to 4.26, the network was closed, we can be seen in a more standardized video industry is gradually rising, these can provide a theoretical basis for many of Baidu’s acquisition of PPS. After all, the star in Baidu search products is too small, since the beginning is not good, so Baidu must use money to buy, you can ask, PPS will join Baidu to bring the substantive advantage of


mobile terminal traffic advantage

in the electric grid, PPS to Baidu is the first mobile terminal traffic advantage, because as the core of Baidu future business, mobile business has been Baidu’s weakness, not similar to WeChat, 360 security guards, Sogou input method and other powerful products, while facing the situation of the rapid development of mobile Internet, Baidu is clearly on tenterhooks. So starting from the video has become an important support for the development of Baidu. According to statistics, PPS has obvious advantages in the entrance of the desktop client and the mobile terminal, such as PPS client cumulative installed capacity reached 500 million, more than one billion monthly active, for example in the PPS mobile terminal installed capacity exceeded 10 million, accounting for 1/3 of the industry, the market is expected to account for the total amount of mobile browsing traffic 25-30%. And the annual growth of about 70-150%.

to make up for the lack of existing business

We all know that

before the acquisition of PPS, Baidu has integrated Qiyi video service, and officially changed its name to Iqiyi, the Baidu settled after the performance is remarkable, but Iqiyi in the "genuine video content presentation is strong and can not hide the lack of Internet TV broadcast and the client reprint volume. And this is an important reason for Iqiyi can not open the market. But the addition of PPS can solve this problem by Iqiyi, its powerful client load and user activity, PPS can be sufficient flow and attention shifted to Iqiyi, the latter in order to seek more development opportunities, even after the listing of IPO chips increased.

rich mobile realizable mode

mobile Internet is indeed a piece of treasure, or else there will be so many Internet Co rushing into the mobile Internet, but there is still a development that is their own shortcomings, the profit model is inadequate or process is too slow. In addition to advertising push, information overload, it seems impossible to find