nvisible website promotion method can not be ignored

website development, the role of external links is very important. But the external links but worry kill many webmaster, how to rapidly improve the site’s external connection, the current strict site management, requires the use of universal navigation nets customary practices, that is the negative of website promotion methods. The so-called invisible, that is, the contents of the display can not see their own links to the site, can only be found in the source code. The main purpose is to promote the promotion of the site through the website to be published in the article, through the invisible method of security and quick to leave their web links.

the following "misty rain" will explain in detail how to contact the specific website promotion methods.

, for example, you need to promote the "healthy recipe book" this web connection: http://s.wndhw.com/shipu/shipu.htm

first step: first of all, you need to select an article and health recipes related articles, which contains recipes or health keywords.

second step: select the forum for your release. Of course, to choose the relevant forum.

third step: specific release method:

here in the "security antivirus forum" for example. Post is "eat elm beneficial to health".

(1) after registering your account in the Forum on security, in the corresponding "healthy life" column, click the fill in the article published in the dialog box title "eat Atriplex forHealth", and then publish their own content, specific as follows:




eat beneficial to health

(2) select the matching keywords to add links.

because you want to promote the link is healthy recipes, so we can only choose in the health or recipes as the key words to match the connection, the specific approach is as follows:


add the promotion page link

(3) to add a link to the promotion of the page, with the key words connected with the text around the color is very different. Figure "recipe" match keywords.


recipes keyword with the text around the color is not the same

(4) to make "recipes" the key words, with the key words of the same color, which is hidden in the different. In fact, is to make the whole article selected a unified color. Here selected black, specifically as follows:


full text selected uniform black