Toy Tuesday The Most Awesome Gundam Toys

first_img Toy Tuesday: Yo! It’s The Best ‘G.I. Joe’ ToysToy Tuesday: The Schwiftiest ‘Rick & Morty’ Toys Stay on target When we talk all-time great anime franchises, Gundam has to be on top. Since premiering in 1979 with Mobile Suit Gundam, it’s launched dozens of spin-offs, video games and, of course, toys. In fact, there’s a whole Japanese word for the hobby of assembling giant robot models from the series — “gunpla.” Whether you’re a hobbyist or a hardcore builder, there’s a Gundam kit for you – and considering the franchise has pulled in over $20 billion in revenue, there are a lot of you. This rundown of sweet Gundam toys includes both models you’ll have to make yourself and giant robots ready to rock out of the box. That’s just how we roll.Perfect Grade Gundam RX-78-2 KitBandai is obviously the big name in Gundam modeling, and they have a super wide range of kits for builders of all skill levels. If you really want to go all out, the Perfect Grade series are the top of the line. Built at 1:60 scale, they literally come together from the inside out — the model has an internal skeleton with actuators and pistons attached to joints, LED light-up eyes, and more. The outside chassis has opening hatches, moving components and more. How intense is this model? The individual fingers on each hand can move. Expect to put in some serious time for the build but this is an elite level Gundam.Get it at Amazon.comTamashii Nations Gundam Barbatos FigureEverybody has a favorite Gundam — and if you don’t, you should — but one that shows up on lists pretty reliably is Barbatos, the mecha piloted by Mikazuki Augus in Iron Blooded Orphans. With a pronounced forehead crest and dual Ahab reactors, it’s a very combat-ready frame that strikes down enemies with a hardened mace. Bandai’s Tamashii Nations line is well known for the dopest action figures, and their take on Barbatos is picture-perfect, with tons of articulation and weapons. It’s a truly iconic design that will look sweet on your toy shelf.Get it at Amazon.comGundam Micro Wars SetThe Gundam franchise was one of the forefathers of the “Super Deformed” trend, where normally serious characters are given visual re-interpretations to have big heads and little bodies like the kind you see in lighthearted anime. SD Gundam is essentially a genre in and of itself, and this 10-pack of Micro Wars figures is a great way to represent it in your collection. Three mechs — an Earth Gundam and a pair of Zaku — join a pair of tanks and human-scale figurines to let you skirmish right there on your kitchen table. The Gundam even flips open so you can insert a pilot.Get it at Amazon.comGundam Char’s Zaku Model KitOne of the most iconic enemies in all of Gundam is Char Aznable, the imperious Red Comet of Zeon. Piloting a red Zaku mech, he undergoes a pretty fascinating transformation throughout the series, first developing a rivalry with Amuro Ray before fighting alongside him. This detailed model kit recreation of his giant robot has everything you’ll need to re-enact some of his most notable battles, including his Heat Hawk and drum-fed machine gun. No glue is required for assembly and minimal paint will make the suit anime-identical.Get it at Amazon.comBandai Metal Build Aile Strike GundamIf you really want to go all-out in your gunpla, Bandai’s “Metal Build” series are a step above the rest. In addition to the traditional high-quality plastic that the robots are made out of, they also include real cast metal parts throughout the frame for an unprecedented level of detail and heft. The Aile Strike piloted by Mu La Flame is an all-purpose combat unit designed for general operations, and the model kit comes with multiple beam sabers, a shield, beam rifle and more. When you’re done building this, you’ll feel like you really accomplished something.Get it at Amazon.comTamashii Nations Master Gundam FigureMost of the aesthetics of the Gundam franchise are pretty calcified around the initial designs from way back in 1979, but every so often a cool and unusual design sneaks through. Case in point: Master Gundam, from the Mobile Fighter G Gundam anime. Representing Neo Hong Kong, it boasts unusual flexibility and mobility having been optimized for close-range hand to hand combat as well as attacks with the whip-like Master Cloth. This is one of the coolest Gundam figures on the market, with tons of articulation to replicate Master Asia’s trademark moves.Get it at Amazon.comCrossbone Gundam Maoh Model KitWhat’s the only thing that could make giant robots any cooler? If you said “skulls,” we’re on the same page. The Crossbone Gundam was first revealed in a 1994 manga series, but this model kit is based on the version piloted by Maoh in Gundam Build Fighters. Featuring a massive skull on the chestplate, a pair of bone-shaped sword / energy cannon weapons, and an X-shaped reflector unit on the back, this is a personal favorite. The model kit is a reasonably fast build and comes with tons of accessories and weaponry for customization.Get it at Amazon.comPerfect Grade Unicorn Gundam KitAnother from Bandai’s Perfect Grade series, this replica of the Unicorn class Gundam stands over a foot tall when fully assembled, but it’s going to take you a while to get there. Buyers have reported a staggering 25 hours of build time to get it done, but the result will wow you. The range of motion in this thing is unbelievable, and it’s built so you can transform it from Unicorn to Destroy modes as well as “Unchained” mode with ease, or just pose it in hundreds of different ways. Pick up the optional LED lighting kit to really supercharge your display shelf.Get it at Amazon.comTamashii Nations Gundam SEED Astray Blue FrameThe natural arc of Gundam design tends towards complexity, but this is ridiculous. The MBF-PO3 from Gundam SEED is a prototype frame piloted by mercenary Gai Murakumo that has been seriously customized with a massive range of seriously devastating weaponry. While most of the Tamashii Nations figures are made from high-density plastic, this one also incorporates old-school diecast metal parts for extra density and stability. Beam sabers, missile launchers, rifles, and more fill out the arsenal of this high-end giant robot figure that stands eight inches high.Get it at Amazon.comGundam Plush ZakuCuddliness isn’t typically a trait that they build Gundam for, but you know Japan — they’ll make a stuffed animal version of anything. This cuddly stuffed Zaku will help defend your bed from bad dreams as you snuggle up to his soft and squishy exoskeleton. What, are you going to tell us you’re too mature to have stuffed animals in your bed? Homey, you just considered spending a few hundred bucks on a Gundam model kit, you don’t have to act big for us. We’re all geeks here.Get it at Amazon.comGundam Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode Model KitFrom the Gundam SEED Destiny anime, this is a giant robot who is ready to lay some serious smack down. The massive Dragoon wings that flex out from the backpack of this massive beast give it a dramatic silhouette, and it’s packing a wildly potent arsenal including a twin pack of combinable beam rifles, sabers that link end-to-end, a chest cannon, and more. Gold finish on the dragoon wings and other parts give it a luxurious style and assembly isn’t ridiculously difficult by gunpla standards.Get it at Amazon.comMore on Best ‘Street Fighter’ ToysThe Most Epic ‘Lord of the Rings’ ToysThe Most Marvelous ‘X-Men’ Toyslast_img