Fez 2 not coming to Xbox One because dev hates MS indie

first_imgPhil Fish and Fez went through a roller coaster of development that lasted around half a decade. Games take time to make, ambitious games take more time, and a game made by just a few people that is as ambitious as Fez — with its puzzles and detective work — takes a while. When it did finally release — as a timed exclusive on Xbox 360 — Fez was met with success, though not nearly as much as it could’ve been met with. Now, even though Microsoft and the Xbox dealt with Fez‘s long development cycle and sales that might not have justified the build up, Phil Fish stated that the recently announced sequel, Fez 2, won’t be coming to the Xbox due to Microsoft’s stance on indie developers self-publishing.Microsoft recently reversed the majority of its unfortunate policies that had the internet, gaming community, and a large portion of developers up in arms. One unfortunate policy it did not seem to reverse though, is that indie game developers cannot self-publish their own titles on the Xbox platform.Meanwhile, at E3 this year, Sony trumpeted out some of the most in-the-know, popular indie games and developers currently on the scene. Though Fez didn’t light the gaming industry on fire, it was and is certainly a big deal. Now, if Fish sticks to his guns, the game’s original platform won’t be getting the sequel.Fish and Fez already have a negative history with Microsoft, as Fish said he couldn’t update the game without Microsoft requiring high fees for the task. So, it was already clear that Fish did not appreciate Microsoft policy.If you were hoping to get Fish’s sequel, it would seem Xbox isn’t the place for that at the moment, but a lot can happen from now until release — especially if the development of Fez 2 takes as long as its predecessor did.last_img