Living in the moment

first_imgHer latest exhibition titled Time and Moments is based on this simple question.Time is an essential dimension of the universe and it is an essential component of life. We don’t see time but still everything moves around the intangible time. Moments are experience of life in present. It has nothing to do with time. For example, in the night when we see stars in open sky we feel them as real. But the fact is quite different. The star we saw as twinkling might have died ages back and what we see is just the light of star that is still travelling. So the experience of our moment have no connection with time. Moments are here and now. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The artist explains, ‘Living in time dimension and living in moments can make the life entirely different. In the time dimension comes, past, present and future and this is how we know to live. But in moments all these dimensions of time goes off and only experience remains. The pure experience of the present.’ Time helps us manage and organize the living in much better way. But at the same time, time driven life gets dull and monotonous. Its unfortunate that as we grow and move away from childlike lifestyle our life starts revolving only around time and living the life as it comes in moments, slowly fades away. Time is more about improving standard of living and moments are more about quality of life experience. When we remember good or bad time of the past, we mainly remember those moments only that made the experience eternal for us.She further explains,  ‘The modern man is living longer life, more advanced, having more knowledge of world around us but unfortunately this modern man is less lively and devoid of self-knowledge.The stress and frustration is increasing and time is becoming precious commodity. In securing better and better tomorrow the modern man is losing every moment, which is full of life.’last_img