The analysis of Taobao customers using Taobao index selection and promotion.

Taobao index can be used to understand the hot Taobao search, query transaction trends, positioning consumer groups and research market segments. Specific website and instructions, please go to Baidu. Today, the focus of detail to do, how to make good use of Taobao Taobao index to select and promote baby skills.

1 click into the Taobao index, click on the top right corner of the page".


After entering the

2, you can directly see the recent week of Taobao’s popular sales, and the corresponding search keywords ranking.


of course, the difficulty of promoting our lower, the target population is more accurate, often need to choose the long tail keywords, so the list down to pull it, you can see the long tail word search. (pictured above)

3 we choose a "fresh floral dress":


need to pay attention to, according to the season to promote the commodity, here is very important to choose, the day is about to cool, and then you do this word is not appropriate.

4 click on the link to enter, you can see a small fresh floral dress "search index and turnover index:


as above, you can also select small fresh floral dress "for comparison, can be found, although only for a position, but the difference is not just a little bit.

therefore, we in the promotion of the title should choose the most popular "fresh floral dress", the website is used to add some custom search suffix, such as: small fresh floral dress popular this year, what a small fresh floral dress? List, the best selling fresh floral dress and so on.

5 in order to make it more accurate, you can also click on the right side of the page, related brands and related products (pictured below):


can be found, and add "Chiffon" and "short" two defined keywords. The picture is the commodities listed in the Taobao online sales of the baby, you can choose to promote.

if this article comes to an end, it will surely be scolded. Here again to do more than the Taobao index after the analysis of the article, we have to go to the Taobao union background but also do a good job, choose to maximize the benefit of the promotion of baby.

In the practice of

can be found selling goods shops do not Taobao customers to promote the majority, even if the commission rate is very low. This is not what we want.

1 Taobao Union into the background, input before choosing "fresh floral dress":


in search of Fang