Double eleven promotion cold electricity supplier marketing suffered a crisis of confidence

8.15 electric commercial negative effect of continuous fermentation. At the end of the battle of the electricity industry "singles", Tmall, and other Jingdong, around eleven double preheating promotion has already begun, but because the negative effects of "8.15" promotion continues, the effect of generally poor.

took the lead in "desert action" was a "double eleven" Jingdong sales promotion preheating mall last week was not an upgrade, Gome’s Kuba in September "cry! The 33 day large-scale promotional effect is not up to expectations, the only part of the Jingdong" desert action "the products are targeted to counter.

at the same time, from the beginning of May this year on a monthly "E18" promotion of, although the "The Voice of China" popular singer Li Daimo, Wu Mo appointed October promotion spokesperson, but more focus on the integration of recently acquired the redBaby maternal electricity supplier network station.

October 16th electricity supplier industry insiders told reporters, " and Martha Marceau management, negotiation and shareholders of Sequoia Capital, the northern lights have been close, probably in the" double eleven "before the promotion announced, after the acquisition of in the field of high-end apparel sales scale will enhance the quality."

It is reported that

, Martha Marceau 2011 sales revenue exceeded 500 million yuan, according to the plan in 2012 at least 1 billion yuan of sales, before the pre merger with Suning red children not much difference between the size of.

at the beginning of the year sales target of 20 billion yuan, and the Jingdong mall 60 billion yuan tax revenue target for 8.15 of the electricity supplier industry promotion the credibility of the overdraft, which led to the "double eleven" promotional preheating cold.

Peng Liang, vice president of coo8 October 17th told reporters, "double eleven" promotional business industry is the largest annual promotional activities during the event sales close to the annual sales revenue of 5%, since this year, Tmall Jingdong will launch countdown warm-up activities including preheating sales accounted for their annual sales volume is expected to more than 10%."

due to false promotion 8.15 electricity supplier in the war, the NDRC for electricity supplier war party punishment, consumers do not trust the electricity supplier price war, let the "double eleven" promotion prospects become less optimistic.

reporter learned that, in the electricity supplier industry only 8.15 post-war coo8 launched a large-scale promotional claims will invest 3 billion 300 million yuan promotional resources, the integration of advertising more than 50 million yuan. However, this promotion did not let Kuba traffic and sales have improved significantly, but Gome, Suning stores began selling more than half have obvious increase from September, during the golden week also achieved positive growth compared to the single store revenue.

The 8.15

electric transit cats are not directly involved in the war, and the "double eleven" promotion is reserved project for Tmall, which makes Tmall.