The nternet home decoration brand Cuteway financing 100 million LAN LED

[Abstract] this is the second in September last year to get Shun Lei Jun capital A round of tens of millions of investment after the Cuteway family obtained a new round of financing.



technology news (Le Tian) October 28th news, 100 million yuan B round of financing announced the Internet home decoration brand Cuteway days ago, LIAN announced the permanent lead investor, Shun capital, investment capital with panda. However, Tencent technology can not confirm the specific amount of financing.

this is the last year in September, Lei Jun (micro-blog) Shun capital A round of tens of millions of investment after the Cuteway family obtained a new round of financing.

data show that the Cuteway company founded in 2012, the model is through a single product iteration starting, the formation of closed-loop supply chain, production control and service chain. As of this month, Cuteway claims covering the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, the country’s 25 major city, a team of nearly four hundred people, 2015 is expected to exceed 150 million yuan output value.

Cuteway home in addition to the core of the cabinets and wardrobe customization, product line will also extend to the whole house space, its core concept is "high price". The so-called "high", namely, the products all adopt the international first-class materials and hardware accessories.

Cuteway family claimed to have to establish long-term strategic cooperation with the Swiss Kronospan, German poet Heidi Hettich Kronospan, Austria Blum, Blum and other international brands, all raw materials are from the brand direct supply, does not produce any intermediate costs.


, in the Home Furnishing ring test water and electricity enterprise was done successfully with America Lele, regulating the family network. They are like Cuteway, advocate O2O model.

in August this year, the United States Lele Yihua timber won $84 million 20 thousand investment, investment Yihua timber as the first major shareholder was America Lele, Lele Lele beauty 18% stake, valued at $461 million. Qijia network announced in February this year for $160 million D round of financing.

CEO Zhou Yuxiang said the Cuteway, Cuteway and beauty Lele, regulating the family network are essentially different. Beauty Lele is more positioning business platform, although also sell some of its own products, but basically to finished products; the Qijia network aims more to improve website traffic; Cuteway home focused on custom furniture, only genuine goods at a fair price with good products.

Zhou Yuxiang believes that the current Internet home areas, few people are willing to try complex custom furniture, which is bound to become a blue ocean. This financing will pave the way for the future to create more Cuteway home furniture O2O platform.

this round of financing after the Cuteway home will mainly do the work of three aspects:

1, continued to optimize the supply chain: continue to increase the intensity of furniture technology R & D and production cost control, improve the integration of R & D capability and supply chain Cuteway home overall;

2, the strengthening of installation services, IT technology to strengthen: the current coverage of the country’s 25 cities in the first half of next year to complete all provincial capital coverage