Start from scratch to teach you APP promotion (nine) Apple’s pursuit of the brush industry can be qu

brush list is what? In the strict sense, the brush list is " Chong list " a form of the whole can be a person + a few machines to achieve. Driven by the strong interests of the domestic brush industry to grow strong vitality. That in the Internet era, the brush industry in Apple’s pursuit of how long it can be


"started to teach you APP promotion from zero (eight):App rankings change radically is what experience?"

April 30th, the first Economy & Finance Weekly a "brush list is a road of no return, because the drug can not stop" the ripples in the industry. Lasted for half a year later, "Mobile Games brush list: the truth standard" the unspoken rule change, completely detonated the entire mobile Internet industry, a lot of CP in question: since everyone in the brush, I want to brush

?What is the

brush list? Technically, brush list is " red list; " a form, but it refers to the virtual machine hacking, account activation and operation behavior to download, a simple criterion is: the whole machine can realize the number of people +.

strong interest driven, making the domestic brush industry with a strong vitality. Today, the childe together with you to talk about the industry’s past life.

a AppStore turbulent September

event 1: Hot search list rule adjustment

September 17th, hot search list AppStore China area began to be occupied by some strange words, his first reaction was a brush standings company strategic manipulation, but by observing the history list and a popular search term corresponding to the APP, this is not a non brush list for the company, because the 10 popular search term heat does not appear fluctuation. Brush list is not possible, the rest is popular search rules to adjust, the most direct manifestation is that a few days of hot search list no one can brush into. See below for details:


event 2:9 20 lock list

September 20th from the beginning of the lock list 7:16, until the evening 23:43 unlock, lock up time up to 16 hours, the list of 21 to restore the normal update. The lock list and change the algorithm is a common method for China area apple hit the brush list, unlike in the past, the hot search list to rectify after Apple will look to the list, the intensity of the ruthless blow brush list and non old.


event 3: brand word weight reduction

many CP search found their own APP brand words, in the first row of their own is not APP, and not competing products for competing products at the same time word is abnormal, the industry will not brush off these words, the preliminary judgment is apple lowered the brand word weight. And whether this is reasonable, if once become the norm, left to CP>