Exposure Baidu takeaway crazy subsidies, 300 million financing is not afraid of the hands of the fir

recently, Baidu due to paste the event by the parties criticized Baidu’s reputation suffered serious damage. Adverse effects of continuous fermentation, has spread to the field of O2O.

recently, "Post Bar door" as a fuse, seems destined to happen to denounce the evil Baidu finally broke out, for a time, Baidu became everybody to sniff at the enterprise. Baidu takeaway recently exposed press business, financing blood spell rumors, more questioning voice spread from its core business to the area of O2O.

Baidu takeaway forced to raise 2-3 times of subsidies, businesses miserable

yesterday, Shenyang Baidu takeaway businesses broke the news online, said Baidu takeaway unilaterally raise subsidies, and stress businesses in all of Shenyang take 2-3 times higher than the original subsidies, if the merchant does not obey, Baidu takeaway will line the original activities, and will be adjusted business ranking.

it is understood that the current platform for the removal of subsidies generally borne by the platform and businesses, and have a fixed proportion of the share, if the platform to increase the amount of subsidies, then the burden on businesses will rise. From Baidu takeaway internal sources, most of the region in Shenyang has been reduced from 15 to minus the original full of 3 by the end of the year by the end of, the number of people in some areas even up to minus 9 by 15. According to their own half of the proportion of the original restaurant every single as long as 1.5 yuan of subsidies, subsidies ranging from 3-5 yuan to every single now, the pressure increased sharply. Some owners complained that Shenyang most of the local small and medium-sized catering to sell 15 yuan a dish, only a maximum of 5 yuan of gross profit, less labor, rent, and distribution costs There is not much left. more now, each delivery subsidy of one or two blocks, simply can not afford.

and let the bosses are particularly dissatisfied with is that the platform did not consult with them unilaterally raise the subsidy, but also with offline activities, lower ranking and other restaurant businesses subject to coercion means. As we all know, the user orders is mainly to see the full reduction activities and rankings, did not these two, the basic equivalent of the death penalty sentenced businesses.

investors: Baidu takeaway subsidies to improve, only to promote the performance of the financing

on the matter, a focus on O2O investment insiders commented that the current Baidu takeaway is for a new round of financing roadshow, reportedly the investor has sent personnel to investigate Baidu takeaway all key city, Shenyang is one of the object of study, the subsidy is to improve the estimation performance to stimulate local investors, a good impression.

but investors are not optimistic about the prospects for Baidu takeaway investment. Baidu takeaway investment roadshow has begun three months, but very few investors are interested in. The main reason is that Baidu is still the old takeaway market, Matthew effect in the Internet industry is very unfavorable. Like Uber, people network and Baidu Nuomi these companies, because of being a leader in their field in recent years has been suppressed, share are not known, there is the precedent in the future of Baidu, investors will become pessimistic takeaway."

in order to support the point of view, he pointed out that Baidu takeaway last year burned about one billion >