WeChat blocked friends over the impact of marketing


these two days has received WeChat and WeChat blocked telephone thing friends, "is not a fan too dangerous," 10000 "is not an individual, with too much too · · · · · · looks like a jittery, I have something to say, and the Tencent’s friends and stakeholders to do some exchanges, with me more than a year of WeChat development and operating experience, finishing the text as follows:

1, on this week WeChat blocked

WeChat heavy, WeChat more than ten thousand personal friends account will not be able to continue to add new friends, not to pull the group operation, marketing circle a groaning.after. I couldn’t help shouting: well done!

WeChat official has said WeChat is personal contact with friends, to make enterprise application please go to the public number, you must be smart in WeChat, like the role Wei Fan played in the film, see the light bulb marked don’t put it in his mouth and have to try, the results do not take out to put in the mouth who is to blame? Look at the people around, the real personal friend WeChat over a million people, basically is the so-called brick house and big marketing wet, it is said that a man with a maximum of 640 thousand friends, when the number of WeChat to this level, WeChat has the significance of communication? A: advice WeChat platform is not micro-blog platform, nor the Internet platform, don’t try to go beyond WeChat’s rules, it will only take one, good business, remain in a proper sphere.

2, on the circle of friends marketing


circle of friends, all kinds of goods B goods Weihuo copycat, various number of secrets, the workplace you don’t know the teachings of various Buddhist prayers, chicken soup, all kinds of shared links spell boy seeking praise for all forwarding, forwarding N times good luck…… Circle of friends became a judge pointer to a person’s IQ, but also the basic end, WeChat has now started a new wave of restrictions: report frequently released a variety of goods B goods poop in the circle of friends account, a mobile phone number of sealing equipment to seal the account, you can do every time can change a new mobile phone the new algorithm? Share has been adjusted to the same article to share more than a certain number of times, people can see only their share, your friends actually cannot see; can shield easily a person’s circle of friends but not communicate with each other; although the business is from the start but do not over cooked. Take a screen, you want to let others favor and not disgusted with moderation and integrity will go far.

3, WeChat technology development

is now available on the market WeChat technology outsourcing development, some companies are all kinds of dragons and fishes jumbled together, said he can use WeChat strong public private, said some of his bundle, can crack the WeChat vulnerabilities with public number for the people around AD slogans louder orders more · · >;