The disaster when every webmaster should do

earthquake relief, is not just a matter of government, it requires the participation of the people, the only way to receive better results

as a result of communication and traffic disruption, the Wenchuan earthquake in the rescue process will inevitably encounter various hardships, presumably the victims will continue to increase. The earthquake is one of the largest natural disasters in China in recent years. In the face of this disaster, how should the government take its own responsibility?

launched the national earthquake relief is undoubtedly the most important thing. Every life of the victims is precious and should be cherished. The government should take all measures to save the victims from the fear of death and hunger. To feed them, give them warm clothes, so that they get the most timely treatment, including timely psychological counseling.

in the earthquake prone Japan, the government’s disaster relief experience is very old. The first is the prediction: in early 1978, the Japanese government will develop large-scale "earthquake countermeasures" measures, once predicted earthquake occurred in the two or three days before the prime minister will be issued a "warning declaration", the government immediately launched a comprehensive evacuation rescue measures. Then the response: in addition to all sectors of the country for the usual earthquake knowledge education, put forward the requirements of Central Disaster Prevention Council scheme, residents reserve at least three days of food and drinking water; in order to effectively save the victims buried in the collapsed buildings after the earthquake, there will be a "quiet period", the city keep quiet, helicopters, excavators and large-scale broadcasting will be prohibited from use.

the government is going to do too much, not just to make people die. October 8, 2005, Pakistan 7.6 earthquake. Pakistani Prime Minister Aziz said: we have also developed a long-term disaster orphans resettlement program, including their education…… We have appointed guardians for most orphans, and the government will be responsible for bringing up the orphans. We will also issue a decree prohibiting anyone from going to the hospital to adopt these children". To this end, the Pakistan government established some special orphans national school, and set up a special working group, responsible for looking for a lost child in the hospital family, to help them live a full family life.

more importantly, relief should become a conscious action of every citizen. For example, the survivors, medical volunteers should carry out the necessary psychological intervention, legal workers should impose necessary legal counseling. Also in Pakistan, people use art therapy to help children overcome the fear of earthquakes, local children to carry out art therapy, children can draw their own feelings. It’s all about helping traumatized children out of the shadows, which must be done on the basis of love and patience.

I believe that now the Sichuan disaster of countless people in the critical moment, a sudden, need more from a common citizen care. Earthquake relief, always specific, action, organized love more efficient and powerful. My personal efforts too