YAHOO to $80 thousand acquisition of its entertainment business domain name

Admin5 webmaster network August 11th news: according to foreign media reports, YAHOO recently to $80 thousand price to buy the domain name, OMG is YAHOO’s entertainment business.

over the past few months, YAHOO has been active in domain name trading. According to the Domain Name Wire website reported that YAHOO has become a buyer of domain name, which cost $80 thousand last week to buy the domain name.

YAHOO’s entertainment business, which is known as OMG, ranked second in the United States, but there has been no independent domain name, which was also suppressed by

it is reported that YAHOO had to have a good name but nothing famous. For example, in June of this year, YAHOO to $380 thousand price to sell the held for many years, in April, YAHOO will be sold to WordPress’s parent company Automattic.

industry sources said, from the price of 80 thousand U.S. dollars, YAHOO may have been eyeing for some time. Compared with the recent trading of several popular domain names, the price is quite cheap, such as June transaction price of $3 million, in February to sell $5 million 100 thousand.