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provides video and audio programs to the public website, registered capital must reach 10 million, and the staff size required to reach 20 people! Yesterday, municipal radio and television bureau organization held a "strict implementation of access to Internet audio-visual program service system" conference, from now on, any units and individuals to create audio-visual program service website, there must be state-owned the capital involved, and must get the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit".

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private video network

according to the provisions of SARFT and the Ministry of information industry, the "management of Internet audio-visual program service" (MII, SARFT Decree No. fifty-sixth) regulations and relevant national policies, start-up audio-visual program service website, must obtain a license. And the establishment of audio-visual program service website units must be owned or controlled by state-owned capital. Prior to the audio and video website has been set up for registration and registration in the radio and television management department, can not be restricted by the composition of the capital, but to submit a written application to the State Administration of radio, sarft.

our city from now until June 15th next year, the city wide range of unlicensed audio-visual programs, to carry out centralized cleaning. Audio-visual programs to the radio and Television Department website, did not apply for a permit or put forward the application is not accepted or approved, from March 1, 2010 onwards, broadcast audio-visual program service refused to broadcast will be blacklisted.

"the purpose is to purify the network."." Municipal Radio and Television Bureau relevant responsible person said, there are some sites in order to get hits, relax on the audiovisual content review, some candid personal video and audio by netizens on the Internet, and even individual website by the spread of pornographic content, low profit.

campus network can not broadcast video

what audio-visual content, do permit? Municipal Radio and Television Bureau Social Radio Management Department official explained that if the website provides the following five types of video and audio programs need to do a license – website spread film and TV animation, film and television; interview and speech interview (with audio); feature film feature highlights, and other special programs; sports, entertainment, emergency broadcast; users upload DV and point to point P2P.

is now almost all of the college forums, to varying degrees to provide video and audio information. These audio-visual information is uploaded to school students, such sites or forums, you need to do a license


relevant responsible person said, campus forums, web sites involved in audio-visual information, the implementation of classification management. If the spread is only a teaching film, campus activities inside the video, and only spread in the LAN, just in the radio and television sector registration, without a permit.

if the campus network forum, the site spread these five categories of content, and through the Internet to the community, you must do a permit.

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campus network forum, the website is part of a has made large website dissemination of audio-visual programs permit the station don’t get a license, but the site to sub station communication >