Zhang Zhaoyang only two times in my life, not to mention the use of drugs to attract a wool ah

Zhang Zhaoyang clear video screenshot

[TechWeb] reported on August 20th news, last night, friends broke the news that a IT gangster in Beijing open house drug was arrested, the matter spread in the Internet after pointing to the chairman of the board of directors of Sohu Zhang Zhaoyang. In this regard, Zhang Zhaoyang in accordance with the agreed time (August 22nd, 17:00 PM) in Sogou search APP released video to clarify the matter, saying "I’m not even how to drink wine, not to mention drug use, smoking a wool ah."

Zhang Zhaoyang said in the video, "this morning I was about the rumors so I am rather baffling, let me feel a taste of lying in the gun, I was actually a very sensible person, you do not how to touch, let alone the drug."

at noon today, Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi on the matter in the micro-blog rumor that Zhang Zhaoyang is in good condition, the rumors broke the software to attract users deliberately spread rumors.

in fact, in addition to Zhang Zhaoyang, jumei.com CEO Chen Ou also innocent gun, Chen Ou comment said: 1 their only business "grass root", is not big; 2 not even smoke cigarettes, not to mention the drug. (rain)