Electromechanical home million acquisition of the country’s nternet industry B2B website set off me

A5 station network (admin5.com) March 20th news: recently got the news, the domestic well-known Electromechanical industry portal and home (jdzj.com/) through the A5 trading platform (http://s.admin5.net/) the successful acquisition of B2B online trading platform provider in the Internet (sg560.com/). It is understood that the mechanical and electrical home was founded in 2004, is the first domestic mechanical and electrical products information website, and the business of the Internet as a B2B e-commerce platform, has also been established for many years. The pile completion of the acquisition will help the company to open up and B2B channel to get more business users, and business in Internet will also rely on the mechanical and electrical home in vertical mechanical and electronic industry brand and resource advantages, consolidate its position in the industry B2B. The specific amount of the acquisition was not disclosed, but according to the A5 trading platform revealed that the transaction amount has exceeded 10 million.

B2B industry portal set off mergers and acquisitions tide?

compared to B2C, the B2B industry’s position and trading volume in e-commerce has been in a more important position. At present, the proportion of domestic B2B transactions accounted for more than 80% of e-commerce transactions, much more than the B2C industry. In 2013 China B2B industry in the stage of exploring the transformation of a wave. National government for the development of e-commerce business expectations and efforts to support the future prospects of B2B is also widely optimistic.

Ali B2B limelight is positive, in 2013 the average daily trading volume exceeded 300 million, the annual number of users exceeded the staggering data of 100 million. Last November, the Ministry of Commerce issued "on promoting the implementation of the views of" the electronic commerce application is also put forward in 2015, China electronic commerce transactions will exceed 18 trillion, and the application of e-commerce enterprises above designated size ratio will reach more than 80%. In such a big situation, whether it is B2B industry portal or a comprehensive nature of the B2B online business platform, are in a rising period. Iron and steel, mechanical and electrical products, such as the rapid development of the industry portal website, the traditional inter firm transactions are being transferred to the internet. The first B2B platform, in addition to outside the Alibaba HC because of changes in the traditional line of business thinking has been developed. As a famous representative of two industries, between home and business in the Internet and the "marriage" will herald B2B industry portal and integrated platform will set off a wave of mergers and acquisitions? M means that the B2B industry will further integrate the advantages of resources, open up the user channel, in the consolidation and transformation, so as to explore the development mode fine, intensive.

A5 trading platform large website transactions continue to become the industry’s mainstream local website trading platform

mechanical and electrical acquisition of the home country of the Internet, the acquisition of the level of tens of millions of dollars, although not comparable to Baidu’s acquisition of 91, Tencent stake in these giant Jingdong giant mergers and acquisitions, but also regarded as heavy trading. This transaction can contribute, we can see the Internet trading platform in the mature and perfect. A5 trading platform as the largest Internet trading platform for the site, shop, >