Lei Jun responded cautiously to enter the U.S. plan completely ready

Lei Jun GMIC site in Silicon Valley

recently joined millet Google global vice president Hugo · Barak and Lei together in the scene today in an interview with

Beijing time on October 23rd morning news, on 2013 GMIC (Global Mobile Internet Conference) Silicon Valley station opened in San Francisco today. Millet technology CEO Lei Jun said at the meeting, the US market is a market of millet is trying to get into, but in fully prepared, millet will not enter the United states.

GMIC Lei Jun is the organizers of the Great Wall will be the China District chairman, so each session of the GMIC Lei Jun will appear. Because millet has entered the Taiwan market and recently dug a former Google vice president of global · Hugo Barra joined, so that the industry; millet plans to enter the U. s.market may have been put on the agenda.

and today’s conference interview, Lei Jun asked this question answer when very cautious. "Of course, the United States is a market we really want to enter, but we will not easily come in before we are fully prepared." Lei Jun said.

Hugo · Barak and Lei together in the scene today in an interview. In Lei opinion, Hugo · Bala is an international first truly usher in the millet and millet employees, the goal is to become a global company. In this process, the company is facing the biggest problem is how to manage the various countries, cultural background staff. (Li Yun)