Teach you to do blog links

I used to pay for the blog as an example to write this log. Paid blog, referring to the paid version of the independent blog, http://s.xuguoping.net/. For independent blog and non independent blog, please pay attention to the new blog comments. I use a free upgrade to the independent blog to pay the use of self paid version of the blog. Also attracted a lot of controversy, in the discussion of the use of my blog is worth paying, I think there is no need to discuss this, after all, spend money to buy the blog space There are plenty of people who I’m not the first person. Talking about promotion, I believe many people will encounter a series of problems. Some do not have the promotion methods, some promotion methods used but the effect is not very obvious, some people can use all methods, the effect is not obvious, the flow is not, the tourists return rate is not high, is not ideal. The interaction rate. So how to share more and share their own blog, the solution is actually a lot of. Today, I want to share with you to pay the Links blog promotion articles.

Links analysis of four functions, first, promotion blog, this is an interactive process, through a link, can make more friends to know that you don’t know your blog. You link him, he links me, and it becomes a bridge link. Do not ignore the excellent grassroots blog links, because he can improve your blog was included in the search engine. Both sides of the link is voluntary and equal, not a one-way link or forced links. Second, mutual exchanges, which is the most critical link, and some blind to do a large number of links, the results really play a role is not much. For a long time, these links have become "dead", not to mention each other. Third, voice communication, appreciate each other is the log, not out of a simple support or comment and message top as conventional, but to really have to log appreciation, hold the view of content, and then targeted to comment. Fourth, to achieve resonance, which is the highest level of friendship, that is, because of the link between the two people, exchanges with each other, the exchange of voice, to achieve the same interest, become friends on the network, the hearts of friends. Therefore, do not underestimate the role of the link.