Spakeys marketing techniques Cang teacher with you to play social electricity supplier

maybe a few months ago, you don’t know the Spakeys from Guangdong Puning underwear brand, although in the brand already has too many labels: "high-end silk underwear", "star and designer", "dedicated to the women of grace"…… But in this era of advertising hype, no matter how many of the labels, it seems that they can not focus on people’s eyes.

Until the

brand and the name of a person – Sora Aoi link, on the Internet underwear brand topic of continuous fermentation on the network, there are fans support voice, there are passers-by onlookers, more attention of the industry.

so, in this social electricity supplier in the game, Cang teacher in the end what kind of marketing play?

event + topic: marketing is a national movement

back in May 19th, there are about 1500000 micro-blog fans of Sora Aoi for the first time that micro-blog will be in the network on the sale of their own design underwear and shouted millet Lei Jun, ask how to do business.


, Lei Jun did not in micro-blog responded publicly and privately as if, we also can make nothing of it, but also really studious Cang teacher to play a good "hunger marketing millet". In May 28th, Sora Aoi officially started selling their micro-blog "series" underwear, underwear Limited sales of 528 units in 5 hours and 28 minutes, at the price of 1288 yuan.

obviously, Cang teacher selling underwear "topic effect has been reached before the little-known Spakeys brand, the official micro-blog fans from thousands surged to 170 thousand now.

things to the present, both experts see road, or watch amateur, all eyes seemed to be entangled in a point — why is Sora Aoi


why not Sora Aoi? Guangdong Xian is in the brand’s Yi Dai Limited by Share Ltd chairman Yan Hongzhong, Sora Aoi is in her topic. "Our brand positioning is: light luxury silk underwear. For a high-end brand, the first thing is to start popularity. Let people know you this brand, to assemble a group of relatively niche consumer groups."

Guangdong sin Yi Dai Fashion Co., Ltd. chairman Yan Hongzhong told reporters in an interview with the

network operators in the world

it is worth mentioning that, regardless of the sales of the teacher’s underwear underwear in the discussion on the topic, to achieve the effect of universal participation in product sales, but also to break through the general female underwear consumer gender boundaries. An interesting figure shows that in the first batch of sales, the proportion of male buyers and female buyers reached 4:6. Had to sigh, Cang teacher’s appeal is really important.

open platform: fans economy also talk about closed loop

at the beginning of the creation of the brand, Yan Hongzhong and his team are determined to