A5 investment and financing briefing three monks, light meals were one million financing catering in

1 monk


investors: Huang Taiji, Hunan, Thailand, everyone has investment fund joint venture


investment amount: 5 million yuan

recently, focusing on the sea cucumber abalone sauce takeaway brand three monk transformation line, opened the line under the restaurant, and received a $5 million angel financing. This round of financing is mainly by Huang Taiji, everyone have a common investment in Hunan, Thailand, Mizuki fund.


2 Bubbe network

Investor: Kai Fu capital merchants venture capital, innovation works, universal distributed capital, venture capital institutions such as joint investment


investment amount: 30 million yuan

even has completed 30 million yuan Pre-A round of financing in June 2016, joint investment by Kai Fu capital merchants venture capital, innovation works, universal distributed capital, venture capital and other mainstream investment institutions pillar. Bubbe is a innovative enterprise block chain, business block chain products and industry solutions, have been previously obtained light capital, Internet venture fund institutions such as the angel round of investment. At this point, than the total financing of nearly 40 million yuan.


3 POCKET Christian

Investment: even the capital and capital from

investment amount: 10 million yuan

concentration forecast "pocket shenpo" ten million yuan A round of financing, capital capital capital and even the clouds. After the current round of financing, in addition to continuing the polishing of APP products, there will be part of the funds for BD large customers.


4 times superior world


investment amount: 10 million yuan

recently, several times to get the best living by the Beijing nature of the development of the fund to invest tens of millions of yuan Pre-A round of financing. Beyo (BEYO Group) was founded in 2008, adhering to the "life achievement, achievements in the future of the mission, beyo aspires to be raised to teach integrated services industry leader, is committed to creating" raised education integration "service platform.


5 light catering

investors: know capital

investment amount: one million yuan

focused on the integration of smart food solutions for the chain of fast food light catering announced the completion of the initial capital of millions of angel round financing. Light restaurant was founded in 2014, founder Qiu Deteng and the core team is optimized for many years in the catering system development and operation in the field of management, chain fast food industry has a very deep insight.


6 film street