What kind of medical soft text can impress people

now we have not talked about the medical soft strange, posted a page, even to the extent of flooding, but not every piece of medical soft text can achieve the desired effect, not every one can be recognized and sought after readers. In a riot of colours of flowers, can let the reader really enjoyed, for the spread of less and less. More people feel is changed the taste of the ads, contrary to the soft Wen run fine silent, implicit and not hair characteristics. So, although every day to send a lot of material, but the harvest is a marketing effect. Is not the promotion of medical soft no use? A lot of people can not help but shake their faith. It is that we have not mastered the promotion of soft.

do not know if you have not noticed that the current medical soft Wen a few common problems to overcome these can no doubt allow you to promote the promotion of medical software on the next floor!

1 article repetition is too high, too few original. Because of the low cost of medical soft release, resulting in a vicious competition between peers, the enterprise is always holding such a state of mind, I am not as good as you, I sent a ten article, the one hundred also pressure you die?

so they often do not pay attention to the quality of the article, not to mention the original, because you will find in the search, many articles not only the title, even the contents of the article, the hidden information of brand are the same, this is completely naked plagiarism, it is this bad atmosphere, leading to health the soft market confusion, is now the government to rectify severe medical soft to those bad enterprises resort to deceit, resolutely fight. Is this the uncontrolled copy, can attract consumers? May be consumers of your products and services are not quite understand? Truly original material from the usual accumulation and use of the material, "Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, only to pay enough to sweat, the good soft Wen, however, a lot of enterprises it is because they do not pay attention to this point, Baidu will in constant turmoil today, it does not exist a ten.

The narrative technique of

2 is single and the level is not clear. A lot of medical manuscripts throughout the form, no waves. "We are a what kind of hospital? We can treat the disease? How did you find us?" and so on, and shift back and forth, feeble, how can the sea in talent shows itself? Even if accidentally caught your article I want to also did not want to read further. The modern people growing material standard of living today, the demand for spiritual culture is more critical, unless you write the truth, otherwise it is difficult to impress people touch one deeply in the heart. So this requires us to work hard in the soft text planning. Some people say that a good idea has half the success, how to seize the taste of modern readers, it is worth pondering, is not a waste of time. It is understood that a large number of facts have proved that the story type, case type, suspense type, special type of medical soft Wen is generally welcome.

story: by telling a complete story to bring out the product, the product of the "halo effect" and "mystery" to "