Ma speculated that the possible existence of the strategic trend of the era of Ali

with Ma as Taobao cloud era with vigour and vitality declared ended, as the Alibaba CEO14, Ma leave you much comment on the space electric grid, speed transit sites are hot pot, in which mixed, but as an ordinary people start empty-handed made legendary electricity supplier Chinese, Ma enterprises to do the report, had to admit that it has a very strong personal charm. As for Alipay and other events, we might as well as the episode, this does not affect the Ma has done for the entire electricity supplier industry contribution.

like Ma Yun said on leaving office as Taobao, every day there will be 24 million transactions, the transaction is 24 million and 24 million in the circulation of the trust, therefore, the Alibaba to the entire electricity supplier industry subversion and no one can. But when it comes to this, we may ask Ma Taobao lost Aura will continue to force so as to maintain its dominance in the industry for what the future? I want a series of actions Ma before retirement have been given the answer.

frequent acquisitions, layout mobile platform

in the weeks before the departure of Ma, Ali launched a number of major mergers and acquisitions, including the acquisition of sina shares, holdings of UC, as well as the most high-profile investment high german. And these signals are strongly revealed a signal, that is, Ali’s future electricity supplier is bound to rely on the emerging mobile Internet port to realize, that is, we often say that mobile providers. Now look at the PC end of the low performance, we have reason to believe that the future is bound to be a belongs to the mobile era, we will solve their own problems with APP, in order to remove the PC search, let more traffic through the mobile phone and other mobile devices to Internet companies. I want to buy several Ali mobile products is such a reason based on sina is a social representative, High German map, and UC is the representative of the traditional search, the three circle flow closed loop architecture together will let users exchange information get realized to the maximum extent, and it is worth mentioning that, Sina, high German to their respective areas of the king, the mobile terminal load are good, as a result, Ali can easily put their goods more accurate information to the user, like WeChat as an information ecosystem to deliver the needs of everyone, Ali will be hot application through decomposition, gap between mergers and acquisitions such behavior through products, so as to develop their own mobile terminal to gain more initiative.

weakening the role of traditional electricity providers, emphasizing financial services

on the current strategic layout point of view, the future of Ali group’s core is not in this piece of electricity supplier. We may say, do not do the electricity supplier Ali started electricity supplier, diverted to do anything else, is not a bit wrong. In fact, the 84 home is not to say that Ali will abandon the electricity supplier this line, but said Ali is no longer the development goal of a pure electricity supplier Internet Co, but to expand to other industries. Do you remember before Ali announced the next three development priorities, >