Money self willed and 90 CEO event behind the explosion of red marketing rules

recently, WeChat circle of friends is the two event scraper, one is "rich headstrong, one is 90 niubable CEO. I do marketing, do not pay attention to the things themselves, they are very interested in the law behind the sudden burst of red.

one of these two things is spontaneous burst of red, one is speculation red explosion, but the development path of the two very consistent. Today is the two routine carefully, complete operation method of event marketing to show you.

development path

see the essence through the phenomenon, the first reduction of the development path of the two, with this reduction, it is easier to see the essence.

a rich rich handsome had a marvelous thing — a media reported by many media to follow suit — opinion leaders began to imitate (Social Network), the majority of the grass root users to follow the trend of imitation (Social Network);

a TV report 90 Niubi CEO – a lot of media reports, follow the trend of opinion leaders comment (spontaneous and buy all) — broad grass root are spontaneous (forward, onlookers Tucao) – 90 CEO back propagation leads to a larger range;

can be seen, the development path of the two is very consistent, but only one step is a natural occurrence, one is every step is carefully out of.

event marketing method.

the first step, planning an attractive event

rich story very unpopular headstrong, knowingly cheated, continue to send money to scammers, to want to know how much money will be cheated, well, the rich, you this is willful ah, let the poor grass root how to face alive.

of course, this thing is not planned out, is the real explosive point story. After 90 CEO events are carefully speculation, he said those highly controversial words, to stimulate the nerve of the information, are carefully arranged (things are true, but carefully decorated).

two events have the following characteristics, or controversial, tingling nerves, or in line with the public’s appetite and interest, can lead to public participation. A word to summarize the two – attractive. Therefore, the first step in the success of the event marketing, but also the necessary conditions, is planning an attractive topic.

second step to buy the tipping point

The first time

has been known to the public for its self willed affair, it has been reported by a newspaper and a portal site, of course, these reports are free of charge and the site is active. We know that after 90 CEO event, from a television program on it.

After the

portal reported the news of the money, a lot of media began to follow suit. Similarly, after the 90 CEO program aired, many media have begun to spontaneous reports (not these media to do good, but they also need to be attractive)