The professional skills of the copywriter the proper absorption and release

since the company came to copy, as if the whole company can not type.

this is not the piece, this is my real suffering. As a professional copywriter, your post function, not by your own skills to set, but according to the needs of the Employer Firms to decide.

advertising circles popular "positioning" theory, copy as a product, its occupation orientation should not be stubborn to emphasize your outward display of selling products, but to try to meet the employer mental illusions about you, because the buyer market has already established to copy the demand picture.

copywriter is a person, is also a product. The ultimate concern and care of the employer is only your intellectual output as a professional product. But the premise is to produce a large number of high-quality products, you must have multiple skills. Writing is bound to be the most basic and core function of Chinese people’s impression of the Chinese case.

The relationship between

in the labor market, as the consumption of Labor Services Employers copy (person) as the final output products capacity evaluation and assessment standards writers, enhance the result oriented copywriter’s ability to learn how to input by backstepping – ability digestion and processing sectors, to optimize the final the quality of the products output.

in the entire field of communication and creativity, copywriting in contempt of the identity of the chain in the absence of. However, as the entire communication environment, the technical and creative dual nature of the work is obvious. We continue to accumulate information through the daily flow of input, digestion and integration of the brain, the final output of the text in line with the corresponding requirements.

to do a universal all-match type copy, only say content direction, because communication channels and language style, while showing dozens of hundreds of copy style. So no keyboard copy actually is not idle, because the day mind filled with ideas, creativity, style, style, rhetoric, occasion, communication, material and gift.


some people say that judging a copy of the unqualified, you can store the material through his way: some of the material in the computer, some of the material in the brain. Although this sentence only emphasizes the different information storage carrier, but the former significantly lower than the latter in terms of efficiency. This is like the speed of information retrieval between the external hard disk and the hard disk.

said in front of the technical and creative work of the dual nature, in fact, is the input information through the digestion of the entire process of finishing the text. Technical needs to grasp the basic methodology, and creativity is to rely on clever integration of materials.

is now returning to the title, the author’s "swallow" and "spit", is the copy of the "absorption" and "release"". Absorb knowledge of raw materials, the release of creative text production. Absorption is the input of information.

information input part – swallow