Knight soft power promotion communication website

soft Wen promotion on the website of the brand building and flow have no effect? Soft Wen is a role, but need to use correctly, in order to make their own website to get good publicity and reputation. Usually, the purpose is more like a public relations, so, what kind of enterprise, products need to PR News? We see new products, the unique advantages of products, leading edge products, the first to have the advantage of the products as needed to create news, draw attention ranks.

like a knight once said, the power of the soft in is reproduced, reprint article is one of a kind of effective viral marketing. If you write a good soft, can be reproduced within a year a few W, even after three years, there is still a novice to see you write the soft, which is the persistence of the characteristics of soft. Like a knight station site that, by the knight written text, raise a lot of the chain, but also brings brand and reputation effect, so the soft effect can bring the brand for the product or website, improve website or product value.

soft this way of marketing position and absolutely comparable to SEO, but the best text should also be coordinated with SEO, so as to play soft, more powerful, more popular keyword search text naturally or half unconsciously in the process of writing, soft with most or the community, the community such a person more complex place, very easy the formation of effect, also can make the propaganda effect of soft play.

soft propaganda way and we present Product placement in TV ads is almost the same, and television itself the wonderful program is inseparable, users will not go out of your memory for advertising, but will not forget this wonderful program, and unconscious remember you advertising, such as Spring Festival last year, we see Zhao Benshan’s essay, constantly mentioned, in fact, this is a soft! And Xiao Shenyang, don’t forget to remind the audience on the show, my name is Xiao Shenyang, English name Xiao Shen yang. Such a strong audience, it will search through the network to the key word Xiao Shenyang, which is why Baidu index so high one of the reasons why the.

soft platform from the release point of view, in line with the characteristics of their web site platform is the most suitable for their soft release platform. Such as: Admin5 suitable for webmaster related product service or need to increase the chain of any webmaster released soft, through the website to improve the chain, enhance the website weight. So, soft Wen is also a way to optimize the release of SEO.

good soft Wen promotion, is a long-term process of promotion, water flows. Adhere to the regular writing soft, improve their writing skills, soft Wen to achieve good publicity effect, we must first study the user needs, write soft text and planning site.


a lot of people, is standing in the aspect of product promotion and written, is actually wrong, should be in the user’s perspective, first of all, think about it, this article can bring what the actual function for the user, or can help him.