The next 5 years of nternet operations will be more promising than the product of the occupation

"as an Internet person, in the next 5 years, do you think the product is more promising, or do the operation more promising?" this is the one thing many Internet circle will face new occupation planning thinking, is also a problem in a few days ago we know almost thrown.


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in just a few days time, the problem has harvested 2038 concerns and the answer to the 125, many of whom are Liu Fei, Su Jie, Zhang Liang, kentzhu and other Internet circles celebrity. The discussion of the results is also quite contrary to our expectations, most people actually even many product managers agree that the trend from the point of view, the next 5 years of the Internet, operators will be more promising occupation.

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this is a very interesting question. Why does it mean, because 5 years ago, no one would ask the question: because the LowB operation is either derived from the product, or is the original edit or supply chain practitioners to change the job name.

In fact, the position of

represents a lot of people’s knowledge – as we all know, in the past 5 years of the Internet, product manager is a popular occupation. So many people are saying that the product manager is the closest to CEO".

but never thought, unconsciously, it seems that the era has passed

below, we have a simple summary of the views of the parties under the problem, I hope that the content of the article can help you to the product and operation, the industry and its own further thinking.

on the status quo and prospects of the Internet industry

first, about the prospects of the Internet industry’s pre sentence, almost everyone agreed that the Internet industry in the next 35 years will remain relatively stable state, will not produce level changes in turn the world upside down shuffle.

three class @ Huang can think technology development product has entered a bottleneck period, products become more and more standardization of procedures, common product manager will be replaced by the template, but the difference between the operations will be manufacturing products.

on the current stage of the domestic Internet in terms of whether it is in the Web or mobile terminal, in product form and product design can have innovative space has become smaller and smaller. On the contrary, many products will become more and more homogeneous, the threshold may be more in terms of technology, services and operations…… So, unless there is a new scene overall rise (such as VR), or in the design of specific products, will be more and more standardized processes, even behind there will be some efficiency tools (similar to on-line friends like this) will be relatively template means replace prior product manager responsibilities.